Throughout the country, public school teachers abuse their position to intimidate students they do not like—especially in California. Often that means they go after conservative students, whose opinions they disagree with.

This is particularly bad in liberal California, where it seems like teachers have free reign to silence the speech of their students.

But, as it turns out, at least one teacher is learning the error of his ways, after he tried to silence pro-life students.

From Daily Wire:

A win for free speech and pro-life came courtesy of a California district court settlement, which ordered a professor to pay $17,000 after he tried to censor pro-life students drawing their message on the sidewalk with chalk.

Fresno State University public health professor Dr. Gregory Thatcher not only allegedly urged students from his class to erase the pro-life messages drawn by Fresno State Students for Life, he actually attempted to erase them himself.

After Thatcher’s students attempted to erase the messages, which urged students to look for pro-life health care options, he showed up and tried to bully the pro-life students by telling them they were outside of the free speech zone and thus had no right to write their messages…

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) fought for the pro-life students and won the $17,000 settlement. Thatcher owes $1,000 to Tasy and $1,000 to another student, Jesus Herrera, as well as attorneys’ fees. Thatcher was also ordered to take First Amendment training — provided by ADF.

Thatcher blustered that his insurance company would pay the fees, adding, “I did not, in any way, admit to any wrongdoing. I did agree to sit through a training seminar because I love to learn others’ thoughts and opinions.”

Lol, really!? “I love to learn others’ thoughts and opinions”? Does he not see the hypocrisy of that statement? He literally lost a lawsuit because he was silencing the thoughts and opinions of his pro-life students. Is he insane, or just a liar?

This kind of thing happens all the time. Liberal teachers abuse their position and power to humiliate and silence conservative students. Rarely do these students have their day in court. Thankfully, in this case, these students have been vindicated.

If free speech is not protected in our schools, we are not really free. How can a teacher justify silencing students–in the United States? These weren’t kids posting gang signs or profanity (I’m sure he ignored those who were); these were students who wanted to protect the sanctity of human life. It was unjust for him to stop them.

Maybe this will teach other educators to not silence the free speech of students. My guess is, some will never learn.

Source: Daily Wire