Last week we discussed how a group of high school athletes were caught stealing during their trip to China. It was a pretty bad situation. The students were there for a special event arranged between both countries. Instead of making the most of the trip, they broke the law.

Things were looking pretty bad for the students, considering the severity by which China punishes lawbreakers. But lookout—it seems like once again Donald Trump is saving Americans’ bacon in China.

It there anything he can’t do?

From NY Post:

Three UCLA basketball players held in China after being accused of shoplifting were set to fly back to the United States on Tuesday after President Trump lobbied for their release with China’s leader, according to a report.

The players — freshmen LiAngelo Ball, Jalen Hill and Cody Riley — were seen at Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport checking into a Los Angeles-bound Delta flight, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing airline staff…

Trump, who arrived in China as part of his five-nation Asian tour a day after the players were detained, called the situation “unfortunate” and said he “had a great conversation with President Xi [Jinping]” about the alleged thefts.

“He was terrific, and they’re working on it right now,” Trump said of Xi aboard Air Force One as he traveled to Hawaii earlier Tuesday. “And hopefully everything is going to work out. And I know they’re very grateful because they were told exactly what happened.”

Those kids were caught red-handed. It’s as plain as that. They could have faced serious penalties for their crimes. They might have been stuck in China for a very long time. Or the case could have been blown out of proportion by the Chinese media.

Instead, Mr. Negotiator himself was able to smooth things over with the Chinese government. Trump has a way with people—despite what the liberal media says. He is a master deal-making and someone that is highly respected in China. It was probably a very simple matter to clear up this problem.

This should be a lesson to those students and to those who criticize Trump. He didn’t have to do anything to help these kids. But they were Americans, and he wasn’t going to leave them in the lurch.

That’s what a President—who cares about this country—does.

Source: NY Post