With the election of Donald Trump, we’ve seen what the American people can do when motivated by conviction, love of country, and patriotism.

For a very long time our nation was controlled by a small group of liberals. Despite how much America hated these people, they called the shots. Why did liberals have so much influence in America, when so few living here agreed with their ideals?

It’s because very powerful, very rich people were pulling their strings. Now we are learning the names behind some of the worst radical liberals in our country.

From The Maven:

Several years ago, minimal research at a different website called OpenSecrets.org revealed that the Koch brothers weren’t even among the top 50 political donors — which means they really aren’t behind the really big money in politics. Big money tends to go to liberal Democrats, possibly because their votes are less expensive…

Supporting free speech is wonderful and noble, but bankrolling criminal gangs poorly disguised as protesting mobs is an evil and disruptive act of sedition. Some of these masked “Antifa” types have committed wanton acts of violence and destroyed private property in broad daylight.

Adding insult to injury, on several occasions, the police have allegedly been ordered to “stand down” by the Democrat politicians in charge of liberal enclaves such as Berkeley (during protests to prevent speeches by conservative pundits) and Baltimore (to protest the death of Freddie Gray while in police custody.)…

The website Zero Hedge reported that George Soros has funded much of this activity through his Open Society Foundation, but this is nothing new…

Soros was the money behind MoveOn.org and made major donations to Media Matters. More recent financial records indicate that through the OSF, Soros gave $650,000 to the Black Lives Matter organization, to help fund the riots that took place Ferguson, Missouri after Michael Brown was killed.

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George Soros

The article goes on to name Tom Steyer, a billionaire hedge fund manager who is spending $10 million to impeach Donald Trump. Another billionaire hedge fund manager named Jim Simmons is bankrolling pathetic liberals like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Of course, until recently, Harvey Weinstein was a major liberal donor, throwing millions into Hillary Clinton’s and others’ coffers.

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Tom Steyer

For decades people like this thought, they could buy and sell American democracy. They threw large sums of cash at for-sale politicians (mostly liberal), so they could call the shots. Especially when it comes to legislation in D.C.

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Jim Simmons

With Donald Trump in office, these crooks are in a bad position. They cannot control the White House any longer. They may even lose influence in Congress, as Trump’s anti-lobbyist policies take stronger effect.

But don’t be mistaken: they will try to control the country forever. Unless we vote out their puppets from Congress, men like Soros will continue to wreak havoc on our nation.

Source: The Maven