Hillary Clinton, since publishing her book called “What Happened,” has been asked by an interviewer how she feels about her “deplorables” comment. Her answer tells you all you need to know about that delusional loser.

While in an interview with CBS’ Jane Pauley, Clinton refused to admit that her comment about Trump supporters had any sort of effect on the election

“You can put half of Trump’s supporters in what I call a basket of deplorables,” Clinton said during a rally.

“Why do you think that word ‘deplorable’ was circulating in your mind?” Pauley asked Clinton.

“I thought Trump was behaving in a deplorable manner. I thought a lot of his appeals to voters were deplorable. I thought his behavior, as we saw on the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape was deplorable. And there were a large number of people who didn’t care. It did not matter to them,” Clinton said.

“You fed into that though, when you said ‘basket of deplorables,’ you energized…,” Pauley started to say.

An out of touch Clinton jumped in: “No, but they were already energized.”

“But you offended some people who didn’t personally feel deplorable at all,” Pauley insisted.

“I don’t buy that, I don’t buy that. I’m sorry I gave them a political gift of any kind, but I don’t think it was determinative,” said Clinton.

It’s funny how Hillary Clinton spent all this time insisting that her loss was her fault. If she had just thought about what she said before she said it, it would be clear that what she was saying would turn off would-be voters.

Honestly, did she think that insulting Trump voters would make her popular? If anything, it just showed how elitist she really was, and that she was completely out of touch with reality.

Luckily, she just announced she won’t be shaming herself again by trying to run against Trump in 2020.