Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld tears into Trump’s critics over their hypocrisy by showing them exactly how sad their arguments are. 



Last Friday acclaimed author J.K. Rowling made a bit of a mistake by helping to spread a video of President Trump that made it look like he was completely ignoring a disabled child.

The video, of course, didn’t show the whole picture.

Ansel Herz, a House Democrat’s aide, posted the video to Twitter, and started a firestorm of controversy. He later took the tweet down, and made an apology about the video lacking “some context”, but the damage was already done by that point.

J.K. Rowling had already tweeted the nonsense by this point, and it received tens of thousands of tweets along with over one hundred thousand likes.

After word spread that the video was false, she later apologized on Twitter.


What’s Happening Now:

In the wake of all this, Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld has some very important points to bring up.

From Mediaite:

Gutfeld said that generally, people should take a skeptical approach to videos like that, but “few did, figuring that Donald Trump is so evil he doesn’t deserve such courtesy”:

“If Donald Trump is so evil, why would you need to make up evil stuff about him? The stuff should be right in front of you. Maybe you realize in quieter moments that he may not be as bad as you think. Perish the thought.”

Jesse Watters agreed with him about the Democrats viewing Trump and the Republicans as “evil,” saying, “The Democrats need to keep this charade up because it allows them to smear Republicans.”

And he’s right! It’s sad that Trump’s critics have to make things up so they can stay mad at him. They’re acting like children.

H/T: Mediaite