Trump spends 40 minutes on one topic during meeting with Putin and you won’t believe what it is.



On Friday, July 7th, President Donald Trump had his long anticipated meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the G20 summit taking place in Hamburg, Germany. This meeting, the first between the two world leaders, was widely anticipated due to the cloud hanging over the Trump administration that is the Russian Investigation.

Going into the meeting, the question that was on the lips of everyone was whether Trump would press Putin on Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential election, which was designed to help elect Trump. Since being inaugurated, Trump has been reluctant to say clearly once and for all whether or not he believes the unanimous assessment of the United States Intelligence community that Russia interfered in our election. Instead he has said things like “nobody really knows” if Russia interfered, and that he thinks that if our election was interfered with, it “could well have been other countries, and I won’t be specific”, at a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda on Thursday, a day before his meeting with Putin.

With all this uncertainty over whether Trump believes Russia interfered in our election and whether or not he would press Putin on it, serious journalists were relieved when the meeting ended and it was revealed that Trump did indeed press Putin on Russia’s interference in our election. As The Hill explains “President Trump pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin on his state’s alleged interference in last year’s presidential election for about 40 minutes during their more than two-hour meeting, The New York Times reported Saturday.”

While Trump may have done what any American President is supposed to do, fight back aggressively against foreign interference in American Democracy, President Putin did not just sit back in his chair and take Trumps accusations. Putin denied the allegations and reportedly asked Trump to provide evidence that Russia had meddled in the election.

As one can imagine, the exchange between Trump and Putin was not a breeze, and as The Hill explains, “The talks became heated between the two world leaders” during the 40 minutes that Trump pressed Putin on Russia’s interference in the 2016 Presidential election. Finally, after pressing Putin for 40 minutes, Trump switched the topic and moved on to Syria.


What’s Happening Now:

While one might expect the mainstream media to be thrilled that Trump brought up Russia’s meddling in our election and spend the first 40 minutes of his meeting with Putin pressing him on it, as this what they have been pushing for Trump to do for months, They were still unhappy. Instead of applauding Trump, the mainstream media criticized him relentlessly for not going far enough.

After the meeting between Trump and Putin ended, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, one of six people to sit in on the meeting, talked to the media and according to CNBC “ Lavrov told reporters that Trump accepted Putin’s assurances that Russia did not interfere in the election” Seizing on this, the mainstream media wasted no time attacking Trump for falling into Putin’s “trap”; as CNN put it in an op-ed written by the former Obama administration communications director, “Putin set a trap and Trump fell into it.”

While legitimate on the surface, in reality this whole criticism of Trump by the mainstream media is incredibly disingenuous, as they are taking the word of the Russian Foreign Minister over the word of US officials who dispute Lavrov’s account of the meeting.

The fact that they’re willing to believe Russia over their own country is just another example of the mainstream media’s incredible hypocrisy when it comes to Trump. For months, the mainstream media goes on about how conniving and untrustworthy Russia is, yet the second Russia says something that can be construed as to be critical of Trump, suddenly Russia becomes Mr. Rogers and whatever they said must be true.

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